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Hello, I just happened upon this blog, and I was wondering why you all hate people by generalizing them with stereotypes. I myself am a bisexual, cisgendered female that varies with being genderfluid based on how i wake up. I am Caucasian, however I realize the privilege and stereotyping that comes with this. I can see how you dislike who I identify as, yet I simply cannot fathom how you do not see being Trans* Ethnic as racially unethical to people born into that ethnicity

Our prefered pronouns are Yous, they, them, or Thonz. “You” is a singlet created slur that that triggers our single-bodied dysphoria. It’s also hardcore identity erasure, as all singlet oriented pronouns are. 

First off, we can’t help but reach out to you(s) in the hopes that you(s) will realize that you(s) are not actually bisexual, you(s) are a lesbian who has through social manipulation been made to believe that being sexually subverted by males is normal, so please do yourself a favor and stop that. 

Secondly, (and lastly) being kkkaucasian, it is no surprise to us that you(s) have trouble fathoming the nuances of Trans* anything, racial anything, or ethnicity anything.

Have a great day. 

You(s) always state how "women can't rape" but looking back through you(s) earlier posts, I came across the quote said by you(s): "It is very sexist to assume that women are incapable of rape. " Please explain?

It’s extremely singletist to assume that a blog ran by multiple people would ever *not* have a single conflicting statement, or idea. 

Just because we all inhabit one body does not mean we are incapable of having more than one opinion on any certain thing. 

can u fall in love with one of your other selves or is that incest

No, none of us are actually related by blood. Joey and Ross dated for a short period of time before Ross discovered she was a woman. 

The use of the term caucasian to refer to all white people is wrong and offensive. There are actual caucasians who live in the Caucas mountains and many of them face the stigma many POC face today.

The peoples of the Caucas mountains are white. They face no struggles that can be compared to those of PoC. If real PoC lived in the Caucas mountains, they would face much stronger stigmas and face far more oppression than the current white inhabitants do.

The peoples of the Caucas mountains need to check their privilege. 

I'm straight, and have been wanting to understand the LGBT community a bit more since starting a Tumblr. Do you have any advice about approaching/finding an LGBT community that won't mind educating me?

There are many online resources that would aid you in further understanding the LGBTTQQIIA community, but many of them have fallen prey to the Ally-syndrome (the acceptance of non-LGBTTQQIIA peoples). 

One of the best ways to understand the community is of course to become a part of it! Now, keep in mind that Allies are not a part of the LGBTTQQIIA community in any way, and their presence is damaging - so don’t go there.

Chemically inducing Asexuality is of course the easiest way to become a part of the LGBTTQQIIA community, and it’s easy to do! Many medications exist to suppress sexual drive in its entirety, and they are not difficult to get! 

After you have induced your new found GSM identity, pick up some rainbow merchandise from an LGBTTQQIIA ran organization, and wear it proudly everywhere you go. Rainbow/triangle/equality sign visibility on your personage is the largest part of your GSM identity, and also lets non-GSM peoples know that you’re GSM so they can treat you accordingly. You will soon find yourself existing as a GSM person and thus understand our communities, and lifestyles - all without pestering LGBTTQQIIA communities for education - remember it is not anyones job to educate you but yourself. 

Hope that helps!

Fighting the patriarchy!!

Just a man doing what men do. 

Just a man doing what men do. 

Wouldn’t need these if men would just quit raping. 

Wouldn’t need these if men would just quit raping. 

Soon our fatphobic society wll make it illegal for overweight people to even have jobs.