Living with Friends
The b in lgbt mean bisexual you fucking prick.

So? There’s a Q for “questioning.”

Just goes to show they’ll let anyone into the acronym for simply asking - even people who have no clue what they are. 

Have a great day (unless you’re white). 

You don't think schizophrenia is real. You weren't dropped on your head, you were thrown against a fucking brick wall. God fucking damnit what is wrong with you retarded ass special snowflake, donkey blowing, faggot douchebag! You should be forced into a loony bin, and forced to sit next to someone who's crocheting something, that isn't there. You fucking snowflake puss filled cunt scab. Your parents should never have met. There's not enough words to describe how much of a retard you are.

You(s) get extra points for making absolutely no sense!

Have a great day (unless you’re white) 

You realize by oppressing the majority you're no better than any other judgemental prick? Your beliefs are completely made up, have no scientific backing, and go against what's already been proven. I respect differences of opinion, but what you're saying isn't an opinion, it's wrong. Stop being so immature, looking for attention, and bashing the majority. Grow up.

By the very definition of “opression,” one is not able to oppress the “majority.” 

We are assuming you(s) have no idea what oppression even is, even though the same instrument you(s) utilized to send us this hate mail can give you(s) access to the entirety of human knowledge in literally 4 seconds. 

As for your statements on science, We are sure you(s) know tons of things about science! Yes, please tell us all about science with that PhD you(s) totally have. 

"Stop bashing the majority."

- Oh shut up. 

Look at me a white non feminist female enjoying life. The amount if stupidity in this blog is off the charts

The only reason you’re not a feminist is because you(s) want shitty bros to think you’re cute. Please stop using men to prop up what little self-esteem the white power structure gave you(s). 

You’re not fooling anyone. 

What you people constantly refer to as "multiplicity" is fucking sick, what you are doing is pretending to have serious mental illness that ruin people's lives. People commit suicide all the time because they can't deal with the auditory hallucinations they have and your making it seem like some kind of super happy unique life experience. It's not

We believe you(s) are referring to the fake disorder called “shizophrenia.” People with Multiplicity do not have Schizophrenia (nor does anyone else, but that is beside the point). 

As a sheep who has swallowed the pseudoscientific oppressor class opinions of “Mental Disorders” you(s) would probably assume that Multiplicity is related to DID, or MPD - It’s not, but in your warped view, it would be the correct “mental disorder” to assume peoples like us have. 

Anyhoo, you(s) are ignorant beyond all imaginable belief, and have a great day (unless you’re white). 

Ah. Me, a white person, am having yet another great day~

Ah look, a gloating sociopathic person with a major case of unwarranted self-importance.

Yep, checks out - you’re definitely white.

Again, why are you doing this? I simply don't understand what you can possibly get from this.

This blog is for educational purposes. Via our informative Educational Public Service Announcements, we are promoting the normalization of racial transition, non-binary gender species, and actively endorsing the destruction of caucasian male power structures. 

While it is not our job to educate you(s), what we “get” from running this blog is the peace of mind knowing that we are working towards a better world. 

We told you(s) all that our valiant effort to promote the normalization of racial/ethnic transitioning would prevail in a successful manner!

We hate to say “We told you(s) so,” but we told you(s) so. 

Oh bisexuality doesnt exist? Well look at that I guess its time for me to go dump my boyfriend and exclusively date women even tho I prefer men! Wow yous (aw look at me catering to your stupidity) need serious mental help.

If you(s) prefer men, isn’t that just a huge tip off that you’re just a straight woman in denial?

Please stop oppressing the lgbt female body with your faux-gaze and heterosexual domination.

Have a great day (unless you’re white). 

Why are you doing this? Running a troll blog that is? It is harmful and hurtful to many. What do you get from this? You're mocking many peoples struggles. Are you a nazi or something? I just don't know what kind of human would actually do this. Please... Reconsider or go be toxic somewhere else.

Please obtain a more socially aware skin tone before drowning us in your white tears, and do not return until you(s) do.