Living with Friends
I am white, but I think im going to have a nice day anyway.

Remember, the great days had by whites are at the cost of the minority groups who are enslaved by caucasian hegemony!

Hope that makes you(s) feel better. 

okay i have to ask, how real is this?


We put the Rad in Radical, we understand this makes people angry, but speaking progressive truths are required for society to culturally evolve. 

Have a great day, (unless you’re white). 

white people can't fucking take critisism. fuck em. keep on doin what you do

Seriously! Perhaps if 95% of the white male population would stop committing various forms of sexual assault, people like us would stop saying that 95% of the white male population commits various forms of sexual assault?

The logic is lost upon them. 

okay but seriously i dont agree with anons telling you to kill yourself and such but how can you say mental illness doesn't exist when you describe yourself as having mpd/did??

MPD and DID don’t exist. They are made up disorders created by the neurotypical power structure as a means to disenfranchise the Multiple community. “Making us look crazy,” is basically their means of ensuring that we are unable to organize as a cohesive community that may one day overthrow their neurotypical social structures.

Go fuck yourself you stupid cunt. I'm not even going to defend myself for being white since I know you're straight up wrong. I'm simply going to say that maybe everyone just hates you for being quite possibly the most racist and misguided and uneducated, putrid piece of shit on this planet.

The problem is, you(s) should be defending yourself for being white, and also actively trying to make up for the wrongs you’ve perpetrated against minority populations. 

Ever think of that? 


Hey, ain’t our fault your race is liable for basically every global atrocity to have occurred in the last 1000 years.

Get over yourself, and be the change the minorities want to see!

You're a fucking idiot. You need help. Take your multiple identities and go fuck yourself with them.

We have before! It was a great experience.

you're an actual fucking retard

Nice ableism. 

Kill yourselves


you(s) need help. a lot of help.

Please erase your white identity from our inbox and do not return until you(s) have attained a more socially aware skin tone.