Living with Friends
In the English language, "you" can be used for singular or plural nouns. It's unnecessary to add an optional plural to a word that can be plural on its own.

Yous is our preferred pronoun, the additional S is there for reasons that we have discussed before, and it is not intended to be grammatically correct, or even relevant, within hegemonic singletist culture. 

Thanks for ‘splainin though - singlet asshole. 

"Bis don't exist" so does that mean if I punch you in the face I won't go to jail?

No, it means you’re entire sexual identity is a delusion. 

I was molested by my female teacher at age 9. NO I DIDNT ENJOY IT I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF 7 TIMES! And before you say I'm a lying male, I'll have you know I'm a female.

Are you white? If so, be aware that white “people,” are unable to be raped in the definitive sense. 

What about 2NE1's CL for your problematic favs list?


I’ll just add the whole of 2ne1 because I know Sandara Park and the young one has done shitty things too.

Don’t forget Bom for being a race traitor who got plastic surgery to look white.



"for now."

More proof of the lie that is bisexuality. 

"for now."

More proof of the lie that is bisexuality. 

Your idea of a greater world is one without white people, men, cisgender people, and anyone else who isn't exactly like you. The perfect world would actually be one where people are nice, something that you know nothing about.

Of course white people, men, and cisgender people would still exist. They’d just be on the bottom rung of society, and preferably be segregated to ghetto areas where their ideologies and points of view are quarantined from proper society. 

Hope that clarifies a few things for you(s), have a great day (unless you’re a man). 

thanks for existing

Thank you(s)! 

We haven’t had much time to blog lately, as we are in Kenya teaching minority/PoC children how to not die of malaria and to be distrustful of white people. 

The b in lgbt mean bisexual you fucking prick.

So? There’s a Q for “questioning.”

Just goes to show they’ll let anyone into the acronym for simply asking - even people who have no clue what they are. 

Have a great day (unless you’re white).